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While having the right talent on board is important, what is even more important is how you nurture it. Therefore, our new age talent management module comes with a whole gamut of features summed up below to help you understand the offerings of our powerful talent management module. Orange Technolab PVT LTD.

Skill Matrix

Use a Skills Matrix to confirm the skills, knowledge, and interest of your team members. A Skills Matrix is a table that displays people’s proficiency in specified skills and knowledge, as well as their interest in working on assignments using these skills and knowledge. Whether you’re able to influence the people assigned to your project team, people are assigned to your team without your input, or you assume the role of project manager of an existing team, you need to know what each team member can handle.

Training Need Identification

Training need identification is a tool utilised to identify what educational courses or activities should be provided to employees to improve their work productivity. Here the focus should be placed on needs as opposed to desires of the employees for a constructive outcome

Budget & Approval

The HR budget will include funds allocated to hiring, salaries, benefits, talent management, training, succession planning, workforce engagement, and employee wellness planning. HR budgets use financial information, performance results and historical data from every department.

Training Calendar

Getting and maintaining a training calendar is a tiny workplace adjustment, and it can reap a lot of rewards. You can use a training calendar to: Manage the up-skilling process of existing staff members. Plan the on-boarding and training needs of new staff.

Participant Nomination

While assessment can be performed along reporting relationships (usually top-down), net assessment can include peer and self-assessment. Peer assessment is when assessment is performed by colleagues along both horizontal (similar function) and vertical (different function) relationship. Self-assessments are when individuals evaluate themselves. There are three common methods of peer assessments. Peer nomination involves each group member nominating who he/she believes to be the “best” on a certain dimension of performance. Peer ratings has each group member rate each other on a set of performance dimensions. Peer ranking requires each group member rank all fellow members from “best” to “worst” on one or more dimensions of performance.

Training material

Training Materials means books, instructions, charts, information or programs used or useful in training or educating an Employee while training, regardless of whether such materials are made available in print, electronic media, online or otherwise.

Pre & Post Questioners

A pre & post survey is one of a number of tools that can be used to evaluate the impact of an instructional intervention (a course, program, workshop, etc.). Its purpose is to assess students’ perceptions of changes in their knowledge and skills, personal attributes, or impact on their future behavior and aspirations.

Trainee Trainer & Manager Feedback

360-degree feedback can bring up a whole host of areas for improvement and help establish goals to be worked towards. Developing based on feedback is important for anyone, regardless of their position, experience level or objectives: managers are no exception.

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