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Aspirant Appointment

Aspirant appointment measures how well aspirant feel they were treated during the whole onboarding process employee or replace an employee who is leaving the organization, he must submit a Manpower requisition form for approval. This system enables the employer to maintain overall administrative control of the hiring process and of staffing numbers and expenses. They also include the no. of working hours and pay rate, and the education and experience required as well as any particular job qualifications. The job role is listed and the form also states whether or not the position is new. If it isn’t, an individual being replaced and the cause for the replacement are noted.

Digital Offer Letter

Improve Onboarding process and delight prospective employees. The Internet explosion has seen the use of electronic documents accelerate to include small and medium enterprises using techniques such as e-offer letters. It can help HR organisations make key functions like on-boarding, and benefits enrolment paper-free – so you can save time, reduce errors, increase compliance, and most importantly, improve employee and candidates’ experience.

Get employee data

Once the employee onboarding system is configured, you can start a new onboarding in a single click. New hires enter their details ONE TIME, and all departments can all use the same data to complete their systems and tasks. No more paper onboarding checklists or templates.

Connect with other departments

Instead of a marathon of paper forms, departments use existing data to ensure new hires are connected to your systems and have all the tools they need such as email accounts, access keys, and direct deposit details.

Validate and Approve

HR can review information, validate details, and approve data as it goes from department to department. Everyone stays in the loop and the HR team can monitor the progress of the employee onboarding process.

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