The Know-How on Leave Management System


Though a neighborhood of day-to-day commercial activity , management leave still stands as an intricate part to handle. If the employee strength is on higher side, it becomes when handled manually or using excel sheets. Employee chaos is tough to handle with an increasing number of multiple requests and their approval. Whether small or large enterprise, leave management creates an equivalent impact on a daily business. But to ease you thru this process, adopting software is an only highlighted option with an automatic and analytical environment.

After working tirelessly for business projects and goals, an employee may request time off faraway from work. Or for a few personal work or family work, he/she may have day off , and therefore the same is defined as Leave Management. supported statistics, most employees want more days off instead of more work hours.

Leave administration for each organization includes different aspects to supply and manage leaves. Managing leave is an important task that gives for creating policy, assigning it, categorizing leaves, configuring the approval process, etc.

To enjoy Software facilities, you want to remember of configuration and criteria for the leave management system and limitations of obsolete methods.

Leave is as vital as attendance is for an employee. Leave Management is vital to calculate the leaves taken by an employee. It clearly shows the quantity of your time an employee invests during a particular project. It also increases employee satisfaction indirectly helping the worker to remain motivated towards the work.

Leave Process

Creating Policy

A leave policy consists of varied criteria to be set for employee’s and therefore the organization’s benefit. Here are in-depth categories for configuring the policy.

Creating Leave Types: supported various factors and needs, organizations have different leave categories like casual, privilege, sick, travel purpose, and company purpose leaves.

Leave Balance: Employees are assigned precise balance consistent with pro-rate or encashment for every leave type created. it is the ultimate balance from which an employee can take benefit.

Frequency of Availing leave: Employees are restricted from employing a limited number of leaves per month for assigned leave types. Even restrictions are assailing the simultaneous availing of leave at a time.

Leave Entitlement:

supported policy, leaves are entitled to employees from either joining date, confirmation date, gratuity start date, etc.

Sandwich Policy: consistent with this policy, all the times are going to be considered leave, if any employee avails leave between two off dates.

Encashment Method: At the year or month end, all pending leaves are often either encashed or carried forward.

Religion criteria: supported their religion, only a specific employee falling thereunder religion can avail specific leave.

Assigning Policy

With all the standards set, managers inform the worker about the policy assignment. supported a specific group, managers assign the acceptable policy to a selected group of employees.

Set Approval Managers

If employees are taking leaves, then there must be some authority to verify that leave. The human resource department assigns this task to the authorized manager of each employee. the worker is unable to require leave for a responsible reason unless signed by the authority.

Month-end Calculation

When calculating each employee’s total working hours, management must consider the leaves taken for a legitimate reason. Pending leaves are often either encashed, carried forwarded, or lapsed as per management’s decision.


If you continue to operate your leave management with conventional strategies like paper or excel sheets, your survival during this developing world is less. Even a little miscalculation can endure tons more complications to payroll. Here are the many limitations of those obsolete methods.


From applying for leave by employees to urge them approved by their managers may be a time-consuming task. An employee must confirm their leave with a legitimate reason from their managers. With a rise in employees, this task also will consume managers’ time. Furthermore, conventionally, employees got to get their applications signed by the manager, and on approval, only they will avail leave. Managers are surrounded by tons of business-related tasks that require time, and thus employees need to wait tons to urge the appliance signed. Both employees and managers invest tons of their valuable time into leave processing.

Unplanned Leave

Suppose your employee suddenly gets absent without prior notice, and on inquiring, you discover out that he’s unable to form it to the office. At the time, you would like to update the monthly excel sheet for taken leave. Such an error. But what if an equivalent error happens for a substantial number of employees. this error is common once you believe excel or paper-based leave management.

Missed Requests

Suddenly several the workers remain absent, and an inquiring manager finds missed leave requests within the inbox. this example can create workload and mismanagement amongst the remaining employees when a crucial project is undergoing.

But adopting software-based automatic management will benefit you with all your queries.

How to choose your leave management solution?

With a greater number of service providers, it becomes impossible for any organization to settle on a software that stands as a right choice. Thus, we’ve clubbed here some exciting features to seem for during a software.

Integrated Attendance

With your leave module integrated together with your attendance module, employee’s leave requests are often united with daily attendance data for a smooth, fast, and automatic work hours’ calculation at every month’s end. Imagine how simplified and streamlined your calculation would be, rather than wasting hours on excel sheets by a manual intervention that, too, with the probability of mistakes.

Real-Time Data

Real-time attendance data generation enables speedier processing of integrated modules like attendance and payroll. Imagine what a smooth, rapid, no manual intervention and zero error processing it might be.

Augmented deciding with Reports.


Reporting at the top of each operational function is exceptionally crucial to store data for future company and audit purposes. But a hand-built report takes tons of effort and consumes the time of HR. With the captured and analyzed data that are too integrated with attendance and payroll modules, the software helps HR to make in-build specific analytical reports.

Tracking Leave Pattern

It is essential to understand when and the way much leave an employee takes. It helps in tracking the leave pattern of employees for monitoring the quantity of paid leaves and holiday patterns of your organization. Adopting a totally automated system enables you to specialise in actual analytic tasks like business process client support, etc.

Legal Compliance

Legal Compliance ensures employees for max safety socially and medically. the govt has formulated well-defined rules that a corporation must follow to make sure statutory compliance. Employees must not be put in unconditional work situations like exceeding work hours with none benefits. time constant off just in case of medical illness for correct reasons must be provided. Non-adherence to such compliance may end in the levy of fines and threats to the business. Leave management guarantees all this compliance within itself.

Having a cloud-based automated system allows you to simplify leave administration and foster a more positive employee-employer relationship. Deploying a sound software helps you accelerate business productivity.

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