RPA & HR Collaboration


RPA & HR Collaboration

A combination of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence capabilities can make an Intelligent Automation Tool that stands out from usual IT automation in different ways.

Let’s take an example while filling an employee profile in the onboarding process and does not edit a section or enter the incorrect data. Then the IT system may reject the form and flag it for a human to rectify the issue.

However, in the case of the Intelligent Automation Tool, the system will identify the issue and self-correct it without any human intervention. This self-learning and application of intelligence bring greater efficiency to HR Departments by saving time & effort and elevating the overall employee onboarding experience.

Ultimatix HCM Suite and the Intelligent Automation Tool are the next steps towards an advanced automation process for organizations that demand to boost their productivity without hiring an extra workforce. 

The good part is our Intelligent Automation Tool (RPA) is integrable with Rules Engine in our flagship solution. The Ultimatix HCM Suite that automates your tasks, understands human communication, takes decisions, and performs actions. This solution can be adapted and implemented by any business segment or industry and can consist of a variety of bots which work on Emails, Documents, and Chats.

1. You can have a Robotic Email tool which automatically handles many incoming emails. It reduces the time spent manually processing emails. This tool drastically decreases response time from days to minutes and increases employee satisfaction. 

Powered by AI, it interprets the content and performs tasks in your systems, freeing up valuable time and resources. 

2. You can have a Robotic Document Tool which can process various documents from different sources like email attachments, email uploads, and online folders. It can classify documents, extract information, forward it to stakeholders and keep back-end systems updated.  

The Robotic Document Tool combines Natural Language Understanding (NLU) and Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to interpret structured and unstructured information. It is a robust AI solution for streamlining document handling, especially for businesses that spend multiple hours manually processing documents.

3. You can have a Chatbot that assists your HR Department in being accessible to employees. It is simple to set up and train in our user-friendly platform – HR Chaupal (A ChatBot), which requires no technical skills and allows further automation with other AI modules.

Wondering how to integrate these intelligent automation tools into your daily business processes for enhanced work efficiency?​

We’re happier to show a personalized walkthrough of how RPA works in a business environment with our Ultimatix HCM Suite. ​

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