In-Depth Recruitment Gap Analysis in Ultimatix


7 steps method to do In-Depth Recruitment Gap Analysis in Ultimatix

1. The Market 

Challenge: Understanding the different tools that are for services out there viz job boards on social media, ads, agencies, etc. Solution: But thanks to God, now in the market recruitment services are available. The HRMS vendors like Ultimatix provide 3rd party integration facilities with job portals and career web pages.

2. Efficient Hiring Process

Challenge: Reviewing CVs and profiles can take hours, not days.

Solution: A recruitment management system like Ultimatix can improve your recruitment efficiency and it will also dramatically reduce the time consumed in manual processes.

3. The Candidate Experience

Challenge: Candidates’ bitter experience in the initial recruitment stage can significantly damage the company’s brand value. It is been observed that the candidates who have a bad recruitment experience will do a lot of negative word-of-mouth.

Solution: Improving the way, you communicate with candidates can be a solution and this can be done with personalized automated email and SMS responses at each stage of the application process integrated with the Ultimatix recruitment system.

4. Avoiding Bad Hires

Challenges: Bad hires can cost an organization 3x of the employee’s 1st-year salary, and affect your team’s overall performance and productivity.

Solution: For avoiding bad hires increase the use of good candidate screening tools which provide you with CV parsing, behavioral assessments, etc. The solutions can match the exact profile as per the organization’s needs like Ultimatix.

5. Improving Time to Hire

Challenge: Is the hiring process takes 2 weeks or more?

Solution: Encourage the use of new generation recruitment tools like Ultimatix to speed up your recruitment process so you don’t miss out on talented candidates.

6. Measuring Performance and Results

Challenge: We need to identify areas of improvement in the recruitment process.

Solution: A recruitment management system like Ultimatix will be the answer to the challenge

7. Reducing Recruitment Costs

Challenge: Hiring in-house is one of the most effective ways to reduce these costs, but hiring the right candidate will increase the cost over a period of time.

Solution: Having the right recruitment system like Ultimatix in place will critically improve the in-house recruitment process and overall reduces recruitment costs as well.

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