Cloud-powered Intelligent HR


Cloud-powered Intelligent HR

In today’s HR sphere, innovation largely springs from the need to bring increasing value to an enterprise for the foreseeable future.

HR teams need solutions to engage employees, establish clear interaction channels between top-level management and their subordinates, and support decision-making with analytics. By using digital applications for compensation, onboarding, recruiting, global payroll, learning, succession, and more, HR teams can navigate everyday challenges.  They can set the stage for continuous digital transformation with cloud-powered intelligent HR.

Moving to cloud-powered intelligent HR facilitated by Orange Technolab can help:

  • Standardize HR processes and operations and establish a single source of truth.
  • Replace scattered benefits management systems to support global operations.
  • Access real-time data and leverage it for enhanced decision-making.
  • Introduce employee self-service to allow staff to manage personal information and check benefits.
  • Automate processes to free up employees from tedious tasks and help them focus on add-value jobs.

As businesses seek these benefits, it’s also important to realize the different impact areas to measure.

Seven Measurable Impact Areas

  1. Speed up and simplify innovation

A traditional, on-premises deployment of an HR solution could take months or even years to implement. Address present-day demands quickly and easily with Ultimatix HCM Suite which offers greater time to value. Leverage cloud-based systems that are updated several times a year and can get up and running in weeks’ time. Add modern HR processes to your organization sooner than later with easy-to-implement approaches and capabilities.

  1. Drive strategic initiatives

HR is evolving and playing an increasingly vital role in organizational strategy. With HR in the cloud, your organization will be equipped to support transformation and optimize structure for a multigenerational workforce. Cloud-powered HR also enables easy access to a holistic view of your organization with location-specific insights. Be at the driving edge of initiatives such as diversity, inclusion, compliance, and health and wellbeing.

  1. Increased simplicity and reduced overhead

The world is changing at a rapid pace. HR processes that were brought in today might get obsolete in a couple of years, rendering your incapable of keeping up with new demands. The cloud based intelligent Ultimatix HR solution can deliver simple implementation with reduced costs and less need for customizations. Leverage cloud-enabled agility for rapid implementations and org-wide impact analysis.

  1. Enable global capabilities

With cloud based Ultimatix HR solution, you can support organizations all over the world, allowing access to information from anywhere, in a preferred language. And you can localize operations and data with user-friendly consistency, compliance, and localization for all countries where your employees work. Ultimatix HCM Suite implementation can help you achieve a truly global operational excellence.

  1. Track people beyond their location

Any HR system can help you track the staff as they move through locations and roles. Ultimatix HCM Suite solutions go way further, streamlining business processes for your entire workforce. For instance, reassignments can automatically update an employee’s job role, location, training, development opportunities, and associated performance and goals.

  1. Infuse business intelligence

Manual, slow processes to gather and analyze HR data cannot sustain a business environment that is undergoing a rapid transformation. HR data is critical to make decisions and should be readily available to business leaders and employees. With Ultimatix HCM Suite, you can analyze the current data and situations in real-time and transform the intelligence into assessments that are critical in the moment.

  1. Optimize operations

With HR solutions in the cloud, you have fewer vendors to manage and reduced integrations to build and maintain. Automated tools and workflows free up time and resources for your employees with lesser need for spreadsheets, emails, and paperwork. Additionally, there is a better capability to extract org-wide data and less need for IT support.

More than an IT undertaking

After you have decided to make the move from legacy HR processes to on-cloud intelligence-infused HR, there are practical considerations to keep in mind. You might need to reimagine existing processes to provide more power, functionality, impact, and insights.

Moving HR to the cloud is not an IT undertaking but a business initiative. Therefore, it is critical to involve key stakeholders and earn their buy-in early on. By doing so, you can build a focused and empowered project team with aligned goals and speed up time to value.

Transform HR processes with Ultimatix HCM Suite. Orange Technolab, can help you embark on your transformation journey with their rapid methodology. We can help you derive optimum value from your technology investments. With the right strategy, you can soon move all HR operations to the cloud.

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