68% of business leaders feel their cybersecurity risks are increasing

68% of business leaders feel their cybersecurity risks are increasing,  according to Vumetric Cybersecurity.

When we speak about organizational data, the human resources department also comes into our minds and it is the utmost exposed data, as HR data contains personal information of employees and most important details like their public identity numbers, tax-related information, bank-related information, etc.

In today’s world, when numerous employees are working from home using their own devices, the threat to data security is at the highest level all the time.

To protect HR-related data from threats and unauthorized access, it becomes increasingly important to enforce measures for taking data security on top priority. The Ultimatix HCM Suite is equipped with advanced data security features to help enterprises today overcome the challenge of keeping their organizational data secure.

The Ultimatix HCM Suite demonstrates the best of an integrated HR Management platform with advanced security levels to protect HR data. It offers several advanced security features to ensure the security of user data, both On-Premises as well as on Cloud.

The security features cover every aspect of data security, which includes encryption of user data, physical security of user data, Controlled access of data to prevent and aid unauthorized access, internal security controls, and more.

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