RIP: Manual Time Attendance System

Should you switch from Manual Time Tracking to Automated Time Tracking System

We are very cautious of sparkling new syndrome. Right? The different types of diets can instantly get you slim & trim shape. We trust reliable and time-tested products & that’s why we have been using Excel for nearly a decade. We are consuming over 6,000 spreadsheets in over a year to track the time attendance of employees. Although Excel is an almost perfect one and it is one of the mature children of Microsoft. And there are many new kids in town, the buzzy all-purpose productivity applications for HR community called as Automated Time Tracking System. Which puts loyal Excel users in a puzzle: Should they make the switch?

The difference between Excels and Automated Solutions

Excel launched in 1985, & its feature set is in proportion to its 36 years in existence. Includes:

  • Powerful calculations, graphing tools, pivot tables, etc.

On the other hand, automated systems were started in nearly 2000 & they are still growing into their feature-set. Today’s Automated Systems are versatile, powerful, and well-designed. And it focuses on blocks lets you easily incorporate migration of spreadsheets processes quite seamlessly without using multiple applications. Ultimatix’s Time Tracking System is a differentiator and include:

  • A powerful tool to track time attendance of employees from anywhere
  • Seamless Integration with any software and hardware
  • Mobile-friendly to use.

Comparing Excel and Ultimatix Time Tracking System’s features:

You can think of Ultimatix Time Tracking System as a high-performing sportscar and Excel as a serviceable Jetta. Both are working well, but the right car will be guided by your style of driving. Here is a comparison of the two products’ feature sets:

Excel Ultimatix Time Tracking System
Records all the data automatically No Yes
Provides accurate results No Yes
Helps in administrative tasks Yes Yes
Saves money Yes No
Improves the productivity of the employees No Yes
Easy to use Yes Yes
Simple to implement and use No Yes
Data manipulation Yes No


Time to leave Excel?

Don’t you think people make too big of a deal when they switch productivity apps? Yes, there is a cost of the time invested and the steep hurdle of moving over all your existing processes. But I think people underestimate the benefit of running two parallel systems, especially when you are dealing with an untested system like Ultimatix Time Tracking System. So, it’s high time to start and move over from excels and see how the automated system can increase the productivity of your employees.


Ready to migrate to Ultimatix time tracking system?

If you are ready to take the plunge and move over from excels, try this approach:

  • Move all your employee’s details
  • Track their attendance from anywhere using Ultimatix Mobile App
  • Approve your employee’s attendance correction on the go.
  • Create different views on the dashboard based on your needs


Supercharge your Time Attendance processes using Ultimatix Time Tracking System today.


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