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Frequently Ask Questions

Q.1. How do I create a new Company?
A.1. Click Login or press Alt + L to login to the software.
  Click Create or press Alt + C to create new company.
login Click here create Click here
payroll Click Create or press Alt + C to create new company.
payroll Select company which you want to delete and then press Delete key.
payroll Deleting the company it will delete all the information related to that company.
payroll Click Exit or press Alt + X to close the software.
  How To Create New Company?
payroll Double click on Payroll icon created on your desktop to start the software.
payroll Alternatively you can select Menu > Programs > Payroll from the start menu.
payroll Click on Create or press Alt + C to create new company.
payroll Alternatively you can login to the software, On the Company menu Click Log off, and then click Create to create new company.
payroll Fill up all necessary information related to the company.
payroll Click Insert Here Logo to insert your company Logo.
payroll Click D or press Alt + D to set default Allowance and Deduction.
payroll Click H or press Alt + H to set Default Holiday.
payroll Click Save or press Alt + S to save Company Information in the database.
payroll Click Exit or press Alt + X to close the Company Information form.
Date Format :
payroll as per your company setting you will set date format
payroll here is two option of date format 1.dd/mm/yy 2. mm/dd / yy
payroll Major Currency : here you can put major as per your country law like Rupees, dollar
payroll Symbol : here you can put major currency of symbol like Rs. , $
payroll Minor : here you can put Deferent type of Minor like Paisa , cent
payroll Click D or press Alt + D to launch the Default Allowance and Deduction form.
payroll Select Check box if Allowance and Deduction is applicable.
payroll Click H or press Alt + H to launch the Default Holiday form.
payroll Select Check box if Holiday is applicable.
  payroll Click A or press Alt + A to set Auto backup U can also Specify day, it is used for data  backup which is stored in your
  payroll Here you can put a company other information like income tax NO , PF No, ESIC NO , Nature Of Business.
  payroll local drive. U can close this form by press Alt +x Now all the detail is fill up then Save the Records using SAVE Button.
  Notes:-   Fields with * are mandatory, e.g. Name*
Q.2. How to  Install and Uninstall Software?
A.2. Suggest turn off other application program before installing in order to avoid conflict in installing process. Attention some software edition number maybe doesn't tally with CD real contents please allow CD installing program for standard. Insert the CD into your CD-ROM the CD automatically display the installing menu.
Q.3. What is License Agreement?
After few Second you will find other opened window which is shown below. In this Window there are some rules and agreement read carefully this and if you agree then       check on the “I accept the agreement “ and then click on Next to continue Setup. If you       disagree then Setup will be closed.
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